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Since their inception, Eickhoff Shearer Loaders continue to be on the cutting edge of longwall production and technological innovation around the world.

  • In the past year, Xstrata's Oaky Creek North mine set several new Australian longwall records using Eickhoff SL 750 with EiControl automation. These included a one month longwall tonnage of about 1.5 million tonnes.

  • This year, Consol Energy's Bailey Mine completed its first 1,5000 ft. face longwall panel using an Eickhoff SL 750 shearer loader. A second1,500 ft. face is currently being mined with Eickhoff SL 750 shearer. The longwall panels are about 12,000 ft. long.

  • China takes first 4 new SL 900 shearer loaders in 2010. They are scheduled for delivery to the Shenhua Energy and Yushen Coal Comapnies in the fourth quarter.

Eickhoff has always been a world class supplier of gearing for all aspects of the mining industry, including longwall shearers. This top quality gearing coupled with a state-of-the-art control system that is easy to troubleshoot should provide the mining industry with a machine that is both powerful and reliable.

Please feel free to stop by Eickhoff for a demonstration of the control system

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Display unit used for demonstration and training Display screen showing network status
Live schematic display screen showing faulty component  



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